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First aid products & safety equipment for expeditions and outdoor life

stay safe however wild your destination is

chosen by explorers

We love walking and the feeling of stepping out of civilization and leaving the planned safe life behind - but it's rather nice to know that you have brought some initial help for your outdoor trip. Just in case.

That is why, hikers, explorers and climbers always brings our first aid kits, bags and equipment along on their journeys.

developed for tough conditions

We know that you are not just going on a walk in the park ... our kits and equipment has been designed and tested for adventure and extreme conditions, and therefore will bring you safely to your goal!

.... be prepared, anything can happen when you are active in the outdoors. We recommend that you bring our Mini Kit when your just going to the park.

make it to the top, and stay on top!

You can't plan every single step on your route - but you can prepare yourself!

Have your routines ready, study the terrain and the conditions and always have your RFX+Care Outdoor gear ready, dry and intact.

the journey never ends!